Welcome to the new home of Garage Politics. You will find that the interface has been simplified and the amount of information stored here has been scaled to stay in line with our operation and following. Much has changed since our last broadcast over three years ago but there is much that has not changed. First let us address what has changed.

The home of the Garage is no longer in South Carolina. Due to life changes and jobs Buzz and I have relocated to Florida. Further hampering our return has been the fact that I am in St. Augustine while Buzz resides in the Sarasota area on the West Coast of Florida. We are roughly three and a half hours apart now which has created some logistical and infrastructure challenges in our attempts to reconstitute the show. This also took us away from the team as we left behind "Guitar" Don and Jack.

Regretably "Guitar" Don Russo is no longer working with us but his life has changed and grown to a point where his time is simply too valuable and too in demand to spend time on a weekly "Free" radio show. We wish him the best and he was, is and always will be an original member of the garage.

Also we have lost touch with Jack though I am continuing to make attempts to reconnect with him and bring him back into the fold. I know that Jack keeps extremely busy with his son and family so we are very respectful of that. It would still be great, however, if we could get him back in the garage.

A further challenge was presented by our separation from The Micro Effect. Though we parted on what I considered to be good terms it was still a big change to go from a system that was all setup for working within that world to a new setup that we weren't yet prepared to manage. While we had previously broadcast on Live365.com we did not want to return to doing a tape delayed show. This has necessitated some research on my part and I have worked to make it possible to not only broadcast live but to permit us to broadcast with the original team in diverse locations if we can round them all up. For the first bit of time in our return you'll have to live with just Buzz and I.

Let's talk now about what hasn't changed. Buzz and I are still brothers and we're still fired up about getting the Garage open again. We are still passionate about our liberty, our God given rights and our heritage. We are still all about the truth, the constitution and what is right. We are working right now to prepare the setup and infrastructure in the garage so we are ready to broadcast shortly. I will be sending out e-mail notices to everyone I know shortly and we will be promoting the return of the show on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else we can get the word out.

I will have a notice for the community coming up before 15 January 2014 regarding our chosen platform for broadcast and then you'll know where the Garage Kings will return. By the end of January we will know the date of our first broadcast and we will have definitive information on who will be there besides Buzz and I. Check in with my Blog on The Common Patriot website for further updates and clues for the return. The blog will be up and running by Monday 06 January 2014. The Garage Door will open again soon. The wait is almost over.

Warmest Regards,

The Common Patriot